The article is majorly focused for the viewers who intend to understand the terminology about JWT along with how to generate and use the JWT within application.

The fundamentals of JWT remains the same across any dev platform and knowledge gained via this article can be applied across the dev platforms. For this article, I will be using NodeJs to demonstrate the functionality.

I am assuming that you are aware of the common NodeJS and Express concepts. If not, I would strongly recommend to check it out before proceeding forward with the article.

The link to the sample application that…

The following article put emphasis on the widely used tree traversal techniques (Breadth and Depth First Search). Before we dive into the implementation part of the traversals, I would like to go over minimal basics so that we understand what a Tree Data Structure looks like.


A Tree is a data structure composed of nodes. Each node is connected to other nodes in a top down manner.

The node at the top is considered as a Root Node. Root can have one or more children.

Nodes with no children are termed as “Leaf” Nodes.

In this article, I will walk through the steps to install REDIS using DOCKER on your local machine and access the docker container services within the locally running node/expressJS application.


I am assuming that you have the basic setup on your local machine such as Node Package Manager, Docker and do have a fair understanding of Javascript, NodeJS, Express, REDIS, and Docker.

Let’s Begin

I will begin with the construct to install REDIS using docker and then move towards the usage in the local dev environment.

Install REDIS using DOCKER

To accomplish this step, fire up your terminal and execute the following command.

docker run -d…

In this article, I will have a quick walkthrough the steps about how to move your local files to a newly created empty git repo.

This also covers the renaming of the master to main branch which is the new defacto standard for Git now.

Step 1: Log into your git account and create a new empty repo.

What’s up people!!

In this article I will be talking about how to use typescript with your NodeJs and Express projects. Typescript as of now has become one of the most used language across the JS community.

With the increase in the trend of use of React across the industry, typescript has gained a lot of popularity among the experienced as well novice developers.

Background photo by — Markus Winkler


Practically, every dev comes around this problem of writing custom map for the information retrieved from the 3rd Party external APIs.

There are several reasons to perform this activity. Either it is because of the in-consistency between the data models or it is because of the situation where you need to modify the information to be consumed in your application in a certain way.

In this article, we will be shedding some light about how to modify the response/data model that is received from an external API to a custom data model local to your application.


I am assuming, as…

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