Git — Local to Remote Repo from the terminal

In this article, I will have a quick walkthrough the steps about how to move your local files to a newly created empty git repo.

This also covers the renaming of the master to main branch which is the new defacto standard for Git now.

Step 1: Log into your git account and create a new empty repo.

Step 2: Copy the Clone URL of the repository

Step 3: Navigate to your folder on your terminal application locally. I am assuming the git is not setup for your project. In case you already have setup the git as a part of your project then skip this step.

git init
// The following code initialize the git repo in your local application

Step 4: Add Remote Origin to the local repo

git remote add origin <CLONE_URL_REMOTE_REPO>
// CLONE_URL_REMOTE_REPO is the URL copied in step 2
//To validate if the remote has been added or not run
git remote -v

Step 5: Pull the git branch from the remote repo

// Modification of the git lately from master to main
git pull origin main

Step 6: Rename the local branch from master to main

git branch -m master main

Step 7: Add and Commit the local files

git add .
git commit -m "Inital Commit"

Step 8: Push to the remote repo

git push origin main

That’s it. You are all set. All your local files will be available to the remote repo.

Thank you for reading the post and feel free to share it.

Happy coding!

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